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The Bijenbos Bee Sanctuary started the Adopt a Hive Initiative to give you the opportunity to get involved and contribute to a worldwide collective effort to help bees prosper.


The honey bee has been declared as the most important living being on the planet and are vitally important for food production. 70% of the world’s agriculture depends exclusively on bees. In South Africa, more than 50 crops rely on their pollination.

A dramatic decline in bee populations have been noted, mainly due to deforestation, the use of pesticides, or lack of flowers. If bees are to disappear completely, we would face a major food shortage with studies showing that the human race would not survive longer than 4 years.

Our aim here at Bijenbos is to give back to our bees by conserving their natural habitat to the best of our abilities. Our farm consists of 1400 hectares natural vegetation and is thus largely isolated from the influence of agricultural pesticides. 

By adopting a hive, your are helping us in our efforts to:

01   Manage and protect our eucalyptus tree forests and fynbos veld so that the bee's foraging resources can be enhanced. This way they can have a better chance on future survival and reproduction.

02  Grow the bee colony numbers.

03  Help ensure the health and survival of the bee colonies



One year's raw honey supply of 12 jars straight from your own hive and delivered to your door.


Your newly adopted beehive will have your own personalised nameplate with your name and the adoption date.


Progress reports on your hive and colony including photos and/or video footage


Beehive adoption certificate with the registered beehive number


R 1 500


You will have an option to renew your adoption application after one year.

You will receive the benefits as stated above.

You may visit your hive only if pre-arranged with Bijenbos beekeepers and at a suitable time for the bees.

Hive visits may only be done if accompanied by a Bijenbos beekeeper

Click below to download application form and send to

Or contact us for any further queries

Image by Nadia Valko
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